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Chemistry Lune - Wall - 3 Lights
Chemistry Lune - Wall - 3 Lights
Chemistry Lune - Wall - 3 Lights

  • The Chemistry series grew out of an exploration of the forms and proportions created by the traditional hand-blown glass techniques still used to produce glass in Vicenza, Italy.

    Lune (Moons) takes its name from the symbiotic relationship between planets and their satellites.
    Different spheres just touch each other, three totally transparent, the other perfectly reflective, one emitting its own bright halo, the other illuminated like a moon.
    As you pass them, they seem to orbit one another, like planets, in a dance of light, space, and reflection.

    All brass finishes are unlacquered and hand sealed with a light layer of wax. The finish is live and is intended to patina over time.
    Lacquered finish available upon request.

    This product has a delivery estimate of 4-6 weeks.

    For custom inquiries, please contact us at
  • Materials: Machined Brass, Borosilicate Glass

    Dimensions: H 43CM/17" X W 40CM/16" X 25CM/10"
    Weight: 3,5kg / 7,7lb
    Light Source: 24V LED | 15W (100W equivalent) | 2700K
    Transformer: 120V or 230V Phase-Cut Dimmable

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