Silvio Mondino Studio



Silvio Mondino has a background in media arts and interactive installations.
In his role as co-founder and creative director of Limiteazero in Milan, he has worked on media-arts projects and designed multimedia installations for such clients as BlackBerry, Alberto Aspesi, National Geographic Store and Antonio Citterio & Partners.

It was during such work that he first began to combine digital technologies with the finishing afforded by more traditional artisan processes: a blend of modernist aesthetics and the culture of the handmade object.

This ongoing process of exploration and experimentation led him to establish his own, eponymous studio, manufacturing, and design workshop that positions itself somewhere between the fields of fine art and design, specializing in handcrafted light fixtures that manage to be essential and sculptural at the same time.
Each piece is the result of a research process that incorporates innovative techniques and the continuous exploration of traditional Italian manufacturing processes. Each light fixture is assembled by hand at SilvioMondinoStudio and can be customized to suit the client’s requirements.