Silvio Mondino Studio



We put the utmost care into making each of our products. All of our finishes are hand applied, and almost all of our metals are unsealed.  Sealed metals will not change in appearance over time. Unsealed metals will patina and therefore change with time. These “live” metal finishes will pick up traces of the life lived around them - oxygen, water, oils, and fingerprints will cause changes in the coloration of unsealed metal surfaces making each piece unique over time. Despite this, if you prefer we can seal the metals upon request.
Natural materials such as brass, marble, leather, horsehair, and wood, have unique characteristics and may, therefore, vary from what is represented on our website or in our photography.

Our glasses are hand blown, and the small differences in size or shape are characteristics of uniqueness.
As a general rule, Make sure the fixture is not illuminated before cleaning.


all brass patinas are unlacquered and hand sealed with a light layer of wax.
the finish is “live” and is intended to patina beautifully over time. fingerprints, drink rings, smudges, etc. are part of this process. please refrain from using any liquid or chemical cleaning solutions as they will affect the finish. polished brass surfaces can be re-polished using a polishing cream. satin brass surfaces cannot be re-polished (do not use a metal polishing cream on satin surfaces.)only in case of real needs and only on surfaces in satin finish brass, gently use the slightly abrasive gray sponge provided in the crate, respecting the direction of the brushing.


glass can be cleaned using a liquid glass cleaner. spray glass cleaner onto cloth to wipe down the glass. do not spray the glass directly, as glass cleaner can damage and oxidize the metal finish. please be gentle on the armature and make sure not to put weight on the fixture during the cleaning process.


leather can mold, scuff , crack or be ruined by moisture if treated improperly. the best cleaning strategy for leather is to regularly dust with a dry cloth. leather can also be wiped down with a lightly-dampened white cotton cloth to remove  dust or dirt. do not use soaps or other cleansers.


the best way to clean wood is with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth making sure to remove all moisture. if necessary, a mild soap may be used. please refrain from using any chemical cleaners as solvents may affect the finish.


Marble is a durable material, but if treated improperly it can be stained, etched or abraded.dry immediately in case of liquid fall.clean with a neutral soap or stone soap.
do not use cleaners that contain acid such as bathroom cleaners, vinegar, bleach, ammonia, general purpose cleaners, abrasive cleaners, alkaline cleaners

our design philosophy is to preserve the inherent qualities of given material. all of our products are handmade and come in natural finishes, exposed to the elements without any protective lacquers. we look at oxidization as part of a process that adds to the patina of an object, increasing beauty with time. we try our best for all goods to leave our premises in pristine condition, but sometimes products may arrive with minor oxidization marks.
whilst every effort is made to ensure accurate representation of product colours, finishes and dimensions, we reserve the right to alter these details without notice, in compliance with our own production needs, technological changes or in response to the current market needs. colour swatches are for reference only; we cannot guarantee the exact colour match for any product finishes.